What is your turnaround time?
We understand that, as business owners, you want your products shipped out as quickly as possible. It is also imperative to know in what time frame they will arrive to your customers doorsteps.
The package will be delivered after fulfillment (3-7 business days) if anything else is not announced. Shipping fees specified in US Dollar (USD) will be displayed in checkout before the final payment step.
Shipping method

Standard Shipping (10-20 business days after fulfillment)  Delivery time will be from 7-10 business days than normal because logistic is The 2022 Tet (Lunar New Year)  (normal delivery time from 10-25 business days).
.In order to be transparent with your customers, it is always a good idea to add something to your website about your products being “customized” or “printed on demand” to cement the notion that these products take time to process, print and ship.

Is the tracking option available?
If your shipping destination is within the United States, our shipping partner USPS always offer a complete tracking option for your customers. Extra-fee of $4,95 will be applied for the tracking service.

Why I don’t find tracking numbers for my orders?
Only on rare occasions the tracking cannot be available on your dashboard : in that case, please contact our support team: [email protected]

Where are the products shipped from?
All our products are printed and shipped from our fulfilment centers in the US and Europe.

Can I add promotional materials to my orders?
No! This is unfortunately not possible at the moment

According to the tracking number the package has been correctly shipped to my customers: however, the client claims he/she didn’t receive the order. Which solution do you propose?
Whether an order is lost or damaged in transit, Erosmalls take charge of any shipping or printing issue. However, if the tracking states that the order has been successfully delivered, Erosmalls will ask the buyer to send a sworn statement, hand written, dated and signed, declaring that he didn’t receive the order. Once we receive these document, we will be able to make a claim to the shipping service and offer the buyer a proper solution.

What if the product is lost in transit?
If your package is lost in transit, no worries! We will reprint it and resend it once the estimated time for delivery is exceeded (15 working days after the shipping date). Of course, the reprint will not include any additional fee.

My order has been sent, why don’t I see the tracking info?
Your order has been sent; however, it can take up to 48 hours for the tracking info to show up in the UPS system. To minimize confusion, you may want to inform your customers in your shipping emails.